The Glamourous Life of a Realtor

Real Estate

When I got my real estate license, I was amazed as people I had known for years, said, “How cool, you’ll get to live the glamourous life of a realtor now!” Flash forward the year and a half, I’ve officially had my license and I’m wondering, where’s the glamour? People, you know who you are, you lied!

I say I’ve had my license a year and a half, a little misleading, I’ve been in real estate for most of my life. Twenty-four years of commercial property management, more years then I can count working for the family business in construction, development and commercial/residential rental…and not much glamour there either.

Okay, I’ll admit there’s the occasional Realtor event like the Parade of Homes from the Home Builder’s Association, or some builder tying to woo us to show his homes before his competitors, but glamourous, eh, not really.

In fact, I’m not really sure that glamour and real estate should mix at all. Four-inch stilettos and an A-line skirt can be a real liability when you’re showing rural Texas property. After stepping in a mud hole to my knees one day, I prefer sporting a classy look of red rubber boots, pants tucked in and a jacket with pockets. I may not be glamourous, but I get the job done! (And at the end of the showing, I know where my shoes are!)

So, what this non-glamourous Realtor can do for you?

Okay, so my profession is a little glamour challenged, but what we lack in glamour, Realtors make up for with grit, intelligence and enthusiasm.

As your Realtor, buyers or sellers side, I’m going to to keep you from having an overly stressful experience when buying your home. That means, I’m managing the process along the way; being your intermediary with the title company, the mortgage company, the seller and his agent. I’m the one you call when the someone has just called and asked you to email the same document you sent 4 times already, I’m the one that’s the human alert system keeping track of deadlines and forms, providing guidance along the way. When I represent you, you become family and I make sure you’re fully represented throughout the transaction and after.

“The glamourous life of a realtor”, for me, it's seeing a buyer get the keys to their new house and being asked to pose for a picture with them to mark the occasion. Oh WOW! There it is, there’s the glamour, the paparazzi of real estate, the title agent, documenting the glamourous world of Real Estate. Spread the news. we can add glamour to our resumes.